About me

Hello, I am Rosie and a brief synposis of my life goes something like this.

I grew up in Sheffield, the second youngest of five siblings. After schoool I went to uni. After uni I went to Ibiza (why not huh?) and after Ibiza neither my brain or finances were in a particularly good way so I went back to Sheffield.

I worked in a pub for a while and also as a chambermaid, in a call centre and as a waitress.

After saving some cash I moved to Brighton with a good friend to study journalism and also because I had heard that’s where lots of ladies of a certain persuasion liked to hang out.

Brighton was awesome! But there weren’t any jobs so we moved up to London.

I timed it pretty well. I had an alright degree and a journalism diploma and moved before the recession struck. These days I would be an unpaid intern or filling in 200 applications forms a week for shelf-stacking in Poundland.

I was lucky.

That was nine years ago and since then I have fully embraced life as a non-Londoner in London. I haved lived north, west and east and done a lot of amazing stuff in this city and a lot of really crap stuff as well.

I currently live in Camden with my wife and our fat cat with behavioural problems.


After 10 years in London, me and the wife moved to Brighton, rehomed our beloved but violent pet cat and replaced her with a real life baby girl (That I grew myself).


3 thoughts on “About me”

  1. Jimblebelz said:

    ow i like the sound of your fat cat with behavioural problems 🙂

  2. Hey Rosie – your blog is excellent. Very entertaining and insightful! So thanks – keep it up.

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