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I spot Christian Grey
Holy crap he’s hot!
I blush
Can I really consider his indecent proposal?
I flush
‘Consider it Ms Steele’ he says lasciviously, staring at me with his steely gray eyes
My inner goddess does backflips worthy of an Olympic gymnast
‘He doesn’t love you’ my inner subconscious chides me
Holy crap he wants me to be his sub!
I flush scarlet
I struggle to find my equilibrium
‘I’m scared Christian’ I whisper
His mouth sets in a hard line
‘Who said you could call me Christian, Ms Steele?’
I feel my insides constrict
‘Okay I will be your sub’ I whisper
Holy crap I have just agreed to be his sub!
‘What have you done?!’ my subconscious screams at me
My inner goddess claps her hands in full cheerleading mode
‘See you tomorrow’ Christian says wolfishly
Holy crap I’m seeing him tomorrow!
I struggle desperately to find my equilibrium
‘Have you eaten?’ Christian asks me sternly
Holy crap how can he tell?
I blush
‘No’ I whisper
His mouth sets in a hard line
I peek up at him through my lashes
He smiles sardonically
I bite my lower lip
‘You know what that does to me Ms Steele’ he growls carnally
He smiles lasciviously
He spanks my behind, hard, with his palm
Holy crap it hurts!
Holy shit it feels hot
I flush
I struggle to find my equilibrium
I peek up at him through my lashes
‘Tell me about your past’ I whisper coquetishally
‘I am fifty shades of fucked up’ he says sardonically
I blush
Holy crap he is so complicated
He grins salaciously
‘I will put you over my knee’ he growls carnally
Holy shit…. That smarts
I followed my heart and now all I have is a sore ass
‘I’m sorry’ I whisper, ‘I can’t do this’
His mouth sets in a hard line
‘No’ he breathes, as if I have knocked the wind out of him
I flush scarlet
Holy fuck, all my hopes and dreams have been dashed
‘Goodbye Christian’ I murmur
The anguish in his expression is palpable
Holy crap I’ve left him. The only man I’ve ever loved
I weep into the deflated helicopter balloon