Facebook Female hates Mondays

Facebook Female: Yippeee it’s Friday! Time for a much deserved glass of vino

Facebook Female is dwuuunk

Facebook Female: Never drinking again. Bleurgh

Facebook Female: OMG Ryland what next!!!!!!!!!! It’s a fix!

Facebook Female likes Take That

Facebook Female is looking forward to seeing a certain someone this weekend

Facebook Female is in a relationship with Facebook Male

Check in: Facebook Female is at Pizza Express with Facebook Male

Facebook Female is being cooked breakfast in bed. Lucky me 🙂

Facebook Female claimed on offer for a weekend away for two on Groupon

Facebook Female: Sorry I haven’t been on here in ages. Very busy 😉

Facebook Female and Facebook Male’s offer got accepted on their house! [54 likes]

Facebook Female is engaged to Facebook Male [87 likes]

Facebook Female: OMG can’t believe there’s only 467 sleeps until I am Mrs Facebook Male!

Facebook Female created an event: Hen party weekend. Dress code: Anything goes!

Facebook Female is nervous…… but very excited!

Facebook Female is married to Facebook Male [143 likes]

Facebook Female and Facebook Male check in at Heathrow Terminal 3 “off on honeymoon yippee!”

Facebook Female: Back to work 😦

Facebook Female: We have some news…Little Facebook Junior is on the way 🙂 [98 likes]

Facebook Female updated her profile picture [a foetus]

Facebook Female: Off on maternity leave hurrah!

Facebook Female: Eeeek six centimetres dilated. Apologies if that’s TMI. LOL.

Facebook Female: Proud to announce the birth of little Facebook Junior, we are all happy and doing well. [143 likes]

Facebook Female: Haven’t slept in weeks and covered in baby sick. I am absolutely in love with Facebook Junior though, here are 3,000 photos of him

Facebook Female: Facebook Junior had his jabs today, it was heartbreaking. I cried more than he did 😦

Facebook Female: I’m so tired.

Facebook Female likes Ocado

Facebook Female commented on a post “Facebook Junior did that for about six months too. Don’t worry she will grow out of it”

Facebook Female: Facebook Junior is asleep and I’m tipsy on two glasses of wine. Hic!

Facebook Female: I’m doing a crazy dance in front of the mirror completely NAKED apart from my hen party bunny ears. I look sooooo hot.

Facebook Female: OMG that was a frape guys! Oh my God Facebook Male you are in such big trouble!!!!!

Facebook Female: Baby + Hangover = Bleurgh

Facebook Female: God I’m so bored of Facebook, I’m deleting my profile.

[three days later]

Facebook Female: I’m back! I’m back! What did I miss? And more to the point… who missed me?

Facebook Female hates Mondays