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Did anyone see the documentary on C4 about the boy that can remember almost every day of his life?

I have been excitedly telling anyone who will listen (although nobody seems to care) that I CAN DO THIS TOO!

As soon as I realised I had this special power I emailed all my family to tell them. They tested me on a few dates which proved futile as they could not remember themselves what had happened.

My mum then got a bit concerned and asked me if it was troublesome not being able to forget, and my dad advised me to keep it to myself and use it as a useful trick in appropriate circumstances. My Dad is all about tactics at the moment due to the imminent release of Classic Warlord, a board game he created in the 1970s. (Read more about that here.)

One of my sisters thought it was quite cool but both my brothers seemed unimpressed; one because I failed to remember I had sent him an email on a particular day in 2008 and the other because I did not know what would happen on April 1st 2015.

I like having my memory as every day I can compare my life to exactly what I was doing on that particular day in the past.

Let’s take today – 28 September 2012 – for example and re-wind five years to 28 September 2007.

28 September 2007 was also a Friday. I was 26 years old and it was my final day of a job at a writers’ association.

My boyfriend and I worked at the same company and he was, unbeknown to me, having an affair with my line manager behind my back.

At the end of the working day we all had a beer and some cake in the downstairs part of the office and my line manager made a nice speech about me (I expect she was secretly rejoicing) and presented me with some iPod speakers that everyone had clubbed together to buy me as a leaving present.

After work, my colleagues and I went to a bar called Potion Bar in Central London for my leaving drinks. I remember noticing my boyfriend and my line manager were both going for cigarettes at the same time and wondering what that was about because he didn’t smoke.

Later on I spotted her hanging around outside the men’s toilets waiting for him, and when he came out they didn’t come back to the table but turned their backs on us and began talking furtively with one another. My other colleagues were being extra-specially nice to me and I started to get a horrible, sick feeling of suspicion.

It may sound surprising but I LOVE thinking about this.

At that time in 2007 I lived in a grotty flat in Central London with about 10 other people and I used to cycle past Potion Bar on my way to work.

Above Potion Bar are some nice apartments and I could see the top flat had a lovely roof terrace with lots of colourful plants visible from the street below. I used to stare up in envy as I cycled past and wondered who lived in such a cool place.

On 28 September 2007 when I was trying to hold back the tears in Potion Bar about the suspected betrayal of my boyfriend and my manager, I did not know the lovely apartment above me belonged to my future wife. I did not know that by 28 September 2012 I would own it with her. I did not know my boyfriend was a pathetic toe rag and not worth crying over. I did not even know I wasn’t attracted to him.

I like being able to reflect on the past from the comfort of my roof terrace and I am pleased to report that 28 September 2012 has been the best 28 September to date.

Other stuff I can do with my special, supersonic, slightly autistic memory is remember old phone numbers, including my old neighbours before they moved away when I was four. I can also remember other weird stuff like Patrick Swayze’s social security number in the 1990 film Ghost (92631043) and the number on the side of a pencil I used in primary school (5010764358182).

Unfortunately I still lose my keys on a regular basis, sit through whole meetings at work and completely forget what we talked about the following day and I often find contacts in my phone and have no idea who they are. My brain must be too full up of old dates and random numbers to actually remember useful stuff.

Oh, and in case you are interested, my ex and my line manager still work at the old company and started going out with each other soon after I left. Apparently they are still together and I wish them well. He deserves to be with someone who actually fancies him and she deserves to have a boyfriend just like him.