I wake up at respectable time like 8am and go to meet my personal trainer in Regents Park. In my fantasy future I enjoy exercise rather than it making me want to collapse, vomit and then die.

We go for a brisk run around the beautiful St Mary’s Gardens, and up to Primrose Hill and back which only takes about 45 minutes because I am super fit.

We are running along the path under the trees, can you see us?

On the way home I stop by at Whole Foods supermarket and pick up some fresh, crusty bread (which is probably infused with rosemary and apricots) and posh, organic fruit. After showering it’s breakfast time on the terrace with my wife before both of us leave for work.

I head down to Soho House and settle into a quiet booth to work on my eagerly-awaited novel. The friendly waitress knows exactly when I want a cup of tea and whether or not it’s a day I need a muffin without me having to ask her.

My publisher calls to let me know my first novel has now out-sold the Fifty Shades Trilogy and all of the Harry Potter books combined. I confirm I am willing to sell film rights.

I finish a couple of chapters before my lunch date at Busaba with two friends. We eat thai ginger calamari and black cod and then they suggest I meet them at the Sanctuary Spa in Covent Garden later that afternoon.

I decide to head to the Sanctuary straight away and write a couple more chapters of my novel wearing a fluffy white dressing gown, lounging in a huge comfortable chair by the Atrium pool with a glass of champagne by my side. When I need a break I go for a little swim, and a swing.

The swing at the Sanctuary

By late afternoon I am ready for a massage and luckily my favourite therapist is available who also gives me a rejuvenating facial.

When I get back from my treatment my friends have arrived and we have another glass of champagne together, relaxing by the pool, going in the jacuzzi, catching up and having some great chats.

I have a wonderful, hot shower using all the lovely Sanctuary products and then head down to Kensington to do a spot of shopping and meet my wife after work. We get a takeaway from Ottolenghi and have a picnic in Kensington Palace Gardens before heading to Hyde Park where Scissor Sisters are doing an open air gig.

We have a quick cocktail at the Park Lane Hilton, enjoying the incredible views of the city, and then arrive at the gig where we are ushered backstage to say hi to Ana Matronic and co before they perform.

All of our friends are at the gig too and we have a great time dancing and singing as the sun sets over London. Ana Matronic dedicates their final song to me as she is my biggest fan.

There aren’t any queues on the way out so we are home before 10.30pm and have a couple of hours to unwind and play with the cat before it’s time to go to bed.

I wake up the next day relaxed and refreshed, looking forward to another days work in London.