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What did we all think of the Diamond Jubilee then?

Shame about the weather.

I admired the plucky news reporters insisting that the pissing rain brought out “the best of Britishness” and added to the “fun” of the event.

It reminded me of all the times the papers publish pictures of young people frolicking in the mud at Glastonbury, making out it’s just as fun to be there in the rain as it is in the glorious sunshine.

I have experienced Glastonbury in both rain and shine and I can confirm that in the rain it’s pretty horrid.

It takes ages to walk anywhere due to slipping and becoming stuck in the mud and you just can’t get warm. Your tent will certainly leak, no matter how waterproof it is, and everyone else’s tent will have leaked even more than yours meaning they all pile into your tent at 4 in the morning.

There are no lovely moments sitting out on Penard Hill watching the sun rise and sharing a smoke with your new found best friend. It’s all about huddling in the falafel tent with a cup of chai and trying to persuade the designated driver to leave a day early.

Staying positive at rainy Glastonbury

Poor Old Queenie, she looked cold, wet and pretty miserable. I didn’t actually go and see the celebrations – I am not that much of a masochist – I watched the BBC coverage from the comfort of the sofa. I was surprised to learn it received over 2,500 complaints for being inane as I rather enjoyed Fearne Cotton’s discussion about the Jubilee themed sick bag.

The bits which did show the Queen, admittedly not that many, brought a tear to my eye. Ever since she pledged herself to serve the nation aged 25 she has really done us proud, stoically rising up to all her royal duties without question. You can’t help but love her for it.

The Queen’s apparent misery during the Jubilee reminded me of my last shift working for Oxfam at Glastonbury 2007 which involved an eight hour stewarding shift in a monsoon. Like the Queen, I was working so couldn’t just leave as it would have let everybody down. I smiled through gritted teeth and tried to grin and bear it.

At least I had the Chemical Brothers to look forward to, one of my favourite Glastonbury memories. Even though my wellies were completely stuck in the mud and I was soaked through I had an awesome time, definitely helped along by the Brother’s Pear Cider.

Loving the Chemical Brothers in the rain

Yes, yes I know the Queen had her own special Jubilee concert to go to the next day but I do wonder if, at 85, she would rather watch in on the telly? It also made me wonder, has she ever had a good laugh at one of her royal variety performances? Surely the best part of going to a concert is getting drunk and having a boogie with your mates? Not trying desperately not to pass out with boredom with a camera pointing in your face?

What a life… endless concerts without being allowed to dance or have fun… boat trips down the Thames in the pouring rain. No wonder we sing for God to save her, bless her heart.