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A few years ago most Londoners and non Londoners accepted that the London 2012 Olympics logo is blindingly bright and a bit naff.

Don’t look directly at it

I don’t find it as offensive as some people do.  the bright neon colours really remind me of those “Fat Willy’s” teeshirts that everone wore in the 80s.

Remember them?

I must admit it does look looks terrible online though and to top it all off the colours are so gaudy and bright it even set off a few epileptic fits (read about it here). Blimey.

I live very near the Olympic Park and for ages I have been wondering to myself “What is that huge, red twisted metal thing in Stratford? Is it a crane? Is it where the sports reporters watch the games? Some kind of crazy climbing wall? Something for acrobats? Is acrobatics even an Olympic sport?”

What on earth could it be?

Well today I finally found out!

BBC breakfast ran a story on it this morning confirming that the large, metal steel structure, known as “ArcelorMittal Orbit” or “The Orbit” for short is officially unveiled today…

And its purpose? “A work of art”.

Am I missing something here?

This article claims this “art” will attract 1 million people a year to Stratford.

But why?

There are also some ugly, bent, metallic blue and green things that have recently sprung up outside Stratford bus station.

I had guessed they were super special floodlight reflectors that lit up the sky for the opening and closing ceremonies.

Super special floodlight reflectors?

After finding out about The Orbit, I now suspect these may simply be “art” as well.

Does anybody know?