I am lucky to work in the City of London where there is an abundance of places to get lunch. There are three Prets and two Eats all within two minutes of my office as well as M&S, Itsu and lots of independent cafes and delis.

My absolute favourite is Pod and I get my lunch there when I am feeling flush, and that is where I went today.

Unlike Eat or Pret, Pod is mega healthy. The salads are full of superfoods, the hot stews are generous and nutritious served over pearl barley with veg on the side. Definitely a tasty treat.

Pod has just introduced a “Pure Veg Blitz” – tomato, celery, beetroot, orange pepper, coriander, tomato juice and Pod pickle juice. It’s a bit steep at £2.25 but I like all the ingredients and it’s only 32 calories so I took the plunge.

You couldn't get much healthier

The verdict… absolutely begusting 😦 just almost vommed at my desk.

Please will someone bring me a Swedish meatball wrap from Pret?