As today is Mothers Day, this post is dedicated to my mum. A few weeks ago I told mum about the blog and she promptly read it from start to finish which was nice and a bit awful at the same time. She said one post left her “a bit stunned” and she wasn’t sure what was fiction and what was fantasy. When I confirmed everything is totally true she went very quiet and then said, “Oh dear God”, so I quickly changed the subject.

My first ever trip to London was with my mum when I was 18. We went as a special treat after finishing my A Levels and she said I could do anything I wanted.

We went on a boat along the Thames, visited the Tower of London and my personal highlight was Madame Tussauds. I was enthralled! I have been back a couple of times since.

Here I am fisting Hitler:

It's okay my mum doesn't know what fisting is (I hope).

And here I am loving up Steven Hawking:

What a guy

The first time my mum visited me in London was when I had just started a new job and feeling flush I told her I would take her out for dinner.

I then spent almost my entire pay packet on one night out in posh bar (whoops) and was totally skint when she arrived.

True to my word I took her out… for an all you an eat for £5 Chinese buffet at Mr Wu’s in Leicester square, which is basically lots and lots of onions fried in MSG. My mum was very sweet and said it was “an experience”. I then gratefully accepted her £50 bail out for the rest of the month.

I called my mum today and she was super pleased that my brother had drawn her a picture for mothers day, and so here you go mum, a whole blog post just for you! Who needs flowers anyway?

And even though I don’t really like the thought of you reading my blog, it’s better than if you didn’t care.

Love you very much xxx