Okay so I live in London, and I am a gay, but for some reason I never actually go to G.A.Y bar. All this changed on Tuesday when my boy bezza and I fancied a bevvy after dining at Balans.  Being a school night I stuck to the lime & soda while he carried on with the red wine.

In central London one would expect to pay over a fiver for a glass of wine and two or three quid for a pint of lime and soda. Imagine our delight to find that the wine only cost £1.70 and the lime & soda 15p! It was like being a student again, in Sheffield… in the 90s.

Cheapest round ever

It is a shame I no longer court the ladies, as that is exactly where I would date them. G.A.Y is totes my new favourite venue and can’t believe I have spent so many hours in the Candy Bar paying £11 for a cocktail among cliquey lesbians playing snooker.