The water cooler at work is broken today so I nipped out to buy a bottle of Volvic. £1.60!

I hate to be a miser but surely £1.60 is a reasonable price for a posh smoothie or perhaps a sparkling elderflower presse but not for a tiny bottle of water? I need water in order to live after all. I am sure back in Sheffield £1.60 will buy you 10 fags and your bus fare home*.

Not an elderflower presse

I don’t usually mind London tap water. Despite claims it has already passed through eight people’s bodies before you drink it, I actually think it tastes okay. Chemically cleansed urine is my favourite. Yum.

However, the Central London tap water at my work is lukewarm and a rusty grey colour and I don’t even usually use it to wash my apple. I am sure it is perfectly safe but I am dubious since reading this post. If London water can give a hardy Scottish bloke spots and a sore throat what chances do I have?

I am down to my last sip, dare I refill? Or shall I stop being a cheapskate and go out and buy some more?

*It definitely did in 1995.