Good morning readers,

Yippee it’s Friday! Shall we have some food porn?

If you read the Guardian, you will know one of the weekly recipes in the weekend magazine is by a guy called Yotam Ottolenghi.

His food is possibly the best in London. It is such sexy food; simple, fresh, original, trendy, and really freakin’ tasty.

Imagine the M&S food porn advert, then imagine Brad and Angelina themselves serving the food to you, naked, and it doesn’t even come close to how sexy the food is.

The first time I went to Ottolenghi on Upper Street was with my glamourous big sister who was visiting from Wales. I can still remember what I ate: Fillet of beef, cooked to perfection and perfectly pink in the middle, roasted tomato and coriander salad and pistachio and apricot rice.

Like lots of popular places in London, you can’t book a table so arrive early unless you want to queue for an hour. If you are late then still queue, the gorgeous cakes and huge meringues the size of your head displayed in the shop window will keep you entertained.

If you don’t live in London, buy the Ottolenghi cook book and make the food yourself.

Yotam is eastern European, and when I discovered his food I lived in Finsbury Park which worked out well. Lots of the ingredients could be purchased in the Turkish stores on Stroud Green Road, but failing that they are usually available from Ocado.

One of his recipes, roast chicken with saffron, hazelnut and honey, is splashed with rosewater before serving. See what I mean? How much more sexy can you get than splashing your food with rosewater? I bought that rosewater from PAC cosmetics on Stroud green road for 99p.

Below are my re-creations of the Ottolenghi experience.

Fillet of beef with three sauces

My girlfriend and I made the beef at Christmas, wasn’t Christmas warm this year? I had to eat dinner with my top off (I will spare you that photograph).

Camargue red rice with quinoa, pistachios and apricots

Roast chicken with safforn, hazelnuts and honey

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend 🙂

I am off to a Buddhist meditation centre with my girl, let’s hope I can manage to chill the fuck out.